Susanna K.

I just got my car washed here. Under 30 minutes. Nicest customer service. I was even 10 minutes late returning to pick up my car (didn't  realize they close at 5pm) and they were nothing but nice. My car looks  great!! The customer service is definitely nicer under the new  management. I was previously here once before and this experience was  much more pleasant.  

Allan B.

 I was recently in West LA and decided to give my car a wash and wax.   Before I settled on any particular place, I decided to Yelp some  reviews of nearby car washes.  I gotta tell you, the reviews for most of  the places around here aren't amazing.  West LA Car Wash stood out the  most because they hand wash.  

I pulled up through their yellow  gate and was immediately greeted with a smile.  They asked me what I  wanted, I told them a wash and wax, and they pointed to what services  they offered.  It was refreshing to be able to make my own choice and  not be upsold by an over eager employee.  I found out later that I was  dealing with one of their managers, Joel, when I asked for the wash.  I  asked him questions, he answered all of them.  Again, never up-selling  me once.  We both finally decided upon the Royal Hand Wax.  I asked him  if maybe I needed the Clay Wax.  He said it was $20.00 more and I didn't  really need it.  He noticed I didn't have much paint contamination, so  the Royal was perfect.  

I bought a coffee, sat down, played some  online poker on my phone and less than an hour later, my car was done. I  was thoroughly impressed.  The car was gleaming.  The tires were  shining and the inside looked just as good.

I realize this place  has gotten some negative feedback, but I was treated very fairly and got  a great wash and wax.  You can't make everyone love you.  But I  definitely love this place and will return. 

Jocelyn O.

Great costumer service! I came and paid $20 get a basic exterior/interior wash and when I got home I saw they had missed the  back row in my Honda Pilot. I came back the next day and they were very  kind about fixing this over sight. I would rather go someone where the  people are kind and understanding and maybe make a mistake but are  willing to fix it, than someone with rude workers that don't understand  human error. 

Em B.

I think that some people confuse the idea of "car wash" with "detail". I  hardly expect when I pay $20 sit and wait for 20 minutes that when I  get my car back its going to be perfect- I just expect that it will be  better then when I drove in! These guys did a great job on my car- and  it was filthy! I felt like it was money and time well spent. 

Sarah A.

I've been there a few times now and really like their service. They're FAST and my car has come out clean every single time. I always sit inside and  watch soccer or something else on TV while I wait. Very comfortable  atmosphere and very reasonable prices!! 

John M.

This is truly the most detail oriented and professional car wash that I've been to in years. When in Los Angeles I do not take my truck anywhere else to be washed. For years I have leased one F150 after another.  In Los Angeles having a truck seems to mean poor quality service at car washes but not here.  These guys wash and detail my truck  as if it were their own. Last week they even buffed out two scratches  that a car wash in Orange County left behind after wishing it.  I didn't even mention the scratches to the guys but they saw them and took care  of them anyway.  I've been using this car wash for the past 8 years.   They are above and beyond and they have wifi so I can work while I  wait.